The purpose of this page is to inform you of the general workflow to upload and then deploy an image to other machines.  It has nothing to with how you should prepare your OS ahead of time.  There are countless guides out there for that.  Here is one tip:

If you are creating an image of Windows and did not sysprep, you must disable hibernation before uploading the image

powercfg.exe /h off

Create An Image Definition

Before an image can be uploaded it must be added to the web interface.

  1. Login to the WebUI
  2. Select Images -> New
  3. Give the image a name and a description if you want
  4. Leave all other options to their default values for now
  5. Enter an Image Name
  6. Click Add Image

Add A Computer

As of CloneDeploy 1.3.0 the preferred method to add a machine is from the client boot method you selected.  This will generate a unique id which will allow the same mac address to be used with multiple computers.

A Computer, also referred to as a client, is any machine( Physical or Virtual ) that you will upload images from or deploy images to.  You have two options to add a new computer.

I.  Add Computer From Client Boot Method

  1. Boot your client machine using the client boot method you selected
  2. Select CloneDeploy
  3. You will prompted to login
  4. You will be prompted to register the computer
  5. Enter a name
  6. Select Ok
  7. Select Shutdown
  8. Login to the WebUI
  9. Select Computers
  10. Select View on the computer you just added
  11. Change the image to the image you created earlier

II. Add Computer From WebUI

  1. Login to the WebUI
  2. Select Computers -> New
  3. Enter the Computer Name
  4. Enter the Computer MAC Address
  5. Select the Image you just created
  6. Select the default image profile
  7. Click Add Computer

Upload An Image

  1. Login to the WebUI
  2. Select Tasks -> Start Computer Task
  3. Click Upload on the Computer you created earlier
  4. Boot your Computer via the Client Boot Method you selected
  5. The image upload process will start automatically

Deploy The Image To Other Computers

  1. Add additional Computers with the same Image and Image Profile
  2. Select Tasks -> Start Computer Task
  3. Search for the Computer and click Deploy
  4. Boot your other Computers via the Client Boot Method you selected
  5. The image deploy process will start automatically

Next Step

That’s all.  Here are a few more recommended steps.

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