Imaging Environments

WinPE Linux MacOS
Supported Filesystems FAT32 / NTFS Almost Anything HFS+
Supported Filesystem Capture Level File File / Block Block
Capture Only Used Blocks Filesystems N/A FAT(12-16-32) / NTFS / exFAT
ext(2-3-4) / XFS / HFS+
Supported File Level Filesystems FAT32 / NTFS NTFS / ext(2-3-4) N/A
Supported Partition Type GPT / MBR GPT / MBR GPT
Supported Bios Type Legacy BIOS / EFI Legacy BIOS / EFI EFI
Supported Boot Methods ISO / USB / PXE ISO / USB / PXE USB / NetBoot
Secure Boot Support Yes with
Partial - only with
PXE mode set to Grub
Speed Comparison Slower Than Linux Block
Comparable To Linux File
Faster Than WinPE Comparable To Linux
Multicast Yes Yes No
Supports Dual Boot No Yes - Results Vary No
Supports Boot Camp N/A Yes No
Restore EFI Image To Bios Computer Yes No N/A
Restore Bios Image to Efi Computer Yes No N/A
Restore 4k Native Image To 512b Yes No Yes
Restore 512b Image To 4k Native Yes No Yes
Change Computer Name Yes Yes - Ntfs Only Yes
Restore Image To Smaller Hard Drive Yes Yes - NTFS and
ext(2-3-4) Only
Expand Image To Fill Larger Hard Drive Yes Yes - NTFS XFS
and ext(2-3-4) Only
Bless Startup Volume N/A No Yes
Extended Partitions No Yes No

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