CrucibleWDS 2.3.1 Released

  • Adds option to use SMB / Windows Share for images – Now Installations on Windows 8 and 7 are more usable – Requires at least kernel 3.18.1
  • Updated Pxelinux to 6.03
  • Updated iPXE to latest version
  • Added lPxelinux
  • Added iPXE efi
  • Added Global Host Arguments to Admin
  • Added Client Receiver Arguments to Admin
  • Bug Fixes
  1. Protected images in the WebUI could still be deleted from the WebUI
  2. LVM partitions will not upload or deploy when a – (dash) is used in either the Volume group name or Logical volume name
  3. Selectively choosing what hard drive to upload would cause the upload process to fail
  4. Deploy process for an image with lvm partitions would fail if the destination drive was named differently than the original drive
  5. Extended partitions with Windows would not upload /deploy correctly.  Linux systems seemed unaffected.