CrucibleWDS 2.0 Released

New Features:

  • New UI – High usability across all device sizes
  • Optional CD and USB boot options. ¬†Does not require the use of any PXE server.
  • Security improvements throughout
  • Full EFI support, Only through CD or USB boot, no EFI for PXE boot yet
  • Can be installed on Windows 7 and Windows 8 – See Limitations
  • Can be used with or without an NFS Server
  • Significantly improved upload speeds
  • Multiple compression algorithm options and levels
  • Better SSL support
  • More granular control for users
  • Active Directory Login
  • Better logging
  • Each machine can now have it’s own PXE boot file, if necessary
  • Editing of Default PXE menu in Web UI
  • Fixed issues with progress indicator
  • Numerous other fixes and enhancements

CrucibleWDS 2.0 starts a new upgrade path, previous versions cannot be upgraded to 2.0.

CrucibleWDS 2.0 new documentation coming soon.