CrucibleWDS 1.5 Released

CrucibleWDS 1.5 Released! I haven’t classified this release as stable, but it’s not beta either. I just don’t have the time or the equipment to test all of the features. Please post your feedback in the forums. New features include.

  • Code was changed to On the fly compiling. Meaning, changes can be made with any text editor without needing to recompile. No need to install a development environment.
  • New WebUI – finally moved away from Metro feel, but still plain and simple.
  • Users can now change their own password.
  • New user control system. User’s can be assigned to groups and can only image and make changes to the hosts and groups they are assigned to.
  • Progress of current tasks is now viewable and updated in real time in the WebUI.
  • Image sizes are now viewable in the WebUI. Reports both compressed size on server and expanded size on client.
  • Image view now displays if it can be restored to smaller hard drives(resizable).
  • Groups can now be created without immediately adding hosts to them.
  • GPT support for Windows 7 and Windows 8. EFI pxe booting is still a work in progress. Some machines may need changed to legacy, imaged, and then changed back to EFI.
  • Support to image Linux.(Still early stages. Only ext2,3, and 4 (LVM not supported yet.)
  • Independent OS type mode. Image all recognized partition file system types with used blocks, otherwise sector by sector.
  • Added 2 new kernels.
  • Added additional debugging tools in the client console.
  • Fixed install problem on Server 2012. (R2 untested)

There is currently no upgrade option from previous versions of CrucibleWDS. Do not install over an existing version or CrucibleWDS will be in an unusable state.  This version is a stepping stone for CrucibleWDS 2.0 which will start a new upgrade path.