CloneDeploy 1.4.0 Released

It’s been almost a full year since the last release but as promised, 1.4.0 is here. 


Important Notices

  • A 64bit OS is now required to install CloneDeploy, as all binaries have been moved to 64bit.
  • .NET 4.6 or newer is now required when installed on Windows. (Previously .NET 4.5 was the minimum)
  • All macOS and Munki capabilities have been removed
  • The default upload compression has been changed to gzip from lz4.  This can be changed though if you wish to keep lz4.  It seems that many issues were stemming from lz4.
  • Uploads by default now do not shrink volumes.  This can also be changed back to the old way, as this too causes issues when the system is not prepared correctly.


  • The Windows installer has been updated to an MSI package, hopefully this will fix the issues that many users had.  I would like to thank Advanced Installer for providing me with a free copy of their software which was used to create the MSI, I highly recommend it.
  • The Linux Imaging Environment was rebuilt to all the latest packages.  The previous one was around 2 years old.
  • Adds a new feature named model match, allowing images to automatically be deployed to PC’s with a matching model automatically without needing to register the computer or assign it an image
  • Adds database integrity constraints
  • Adds a new feature to set the default image profile options for when new images are created under Settings->Image Profile Templates
  • Adds a new feature to still prompt for a computer name even if registration is disabled
  • Adds a new feature to name on demand multicast sessions
  • Adds a new feature to detect if drive is encrypted with Bitlocker and abort the upload
  • Adds options to skip the hibernation and/or Bitlocker checks when uploading
  • Adds a new feature for smart groups to use name where not like
  • Adds 32bit EFI support to the USB/ISO creator
  • Improves performance with file based images
  • Fixes a problem where multicasting would not work if a FQDN was used instead of an IP Address
  • Fixes a problem where lvm would not image properly if the filesystem names overlapped, such as /var and /var/log
  • Fixes an issue where ipxe does not work if SSL is enabled
  • Fixes the online kernel downloader
  • Fixes an issue where xfs filesystems may not expand
  • Fixes an issue with WinPE and static ips
  • Fixes an issue with WinPE and rebooting and shutdown
  • Fixes an issue with WinPE and multiple hard drives
  • Fixes an issue with WinPE and the on demand list
  • Fixes an issue where file and folder copying might quit working when they are deleted before removing from the image profile
  • Other various bug fixes



So what’s next for CloneDeploy?  I’ve submitted my Shim to Microsoft in the hopes they will sign it.  If all goes well, secure boot will be available for the LIE in the next release.  I’m also trying to prioritize things that CloneDeploy does well and improve them, instead of expanding on things that most people don’t need.  I’ve already started by removing macOS support, I will also not be continuing Docker support.  For the next release, I would really love to get offline imaging working.


Windows Upgrade Guide

Linux Upgrade Guide