CloneDeploy 1.3.3 Released

Grab it from the 1.3.0 patches page.  Changes Include:

  • Adds High Sierra / APFS support to the MIE
  • Adds a simple upload schema option to the MIE, it’s now the default
  • Improves MIE core storage / fusion drive support
  • Fixes an issue with the swap UUID with LVM not being restored on deploy
  • Fixes an issue where xfs filesystems were not expanded to fill disk on deploy
  • Adds on demand audit tracking
  • Fixes an issue where unregistered on demand tasks did not work properly with the distribution point’s queue
  • Adds unregistered tasks to the all active tasks view
  • Adds timeout support for tasks in the queue to prevent the queue from stacking up if a deployment doesn’t finish
  • Fixes an issue where adding computers to a group was not searchable