CloneDeploy 1.3.0 Beta 1 Released

The first beta for CloneDeploy 1.3.0 is now available.  I typically don’t like betas, but this version calls for a lot of testing before it can be considered stable.  Hopefully the community can step up and provide feedback in order to get this moved to stable as soon as possible.  The beta is fully featured, but there are many bugs to be worked out.  Major changes include:

  • Major code rewrite – Front and back end are now two totally separate web applications
  • Multiple CloneDeploy servers can now be clustered together to provide separation of Image Server, Tftp Server, Multicast Server, and Front End.  All the services can be load balanced across the servers.
  • ProxyDHCP has been updated to allow load balancing / failover of Tftp servers
  • Complete API
  • MacOS Sierra support
  • Complete client iso / usb generation from within the web ui.  No need for external tools.
  • Distribution points can now point directly to other shares.  No need to mount them on the server.
  • Computer registration now uses a unique identifier, meaning you can register a usb nic multiple times to different computers

Sadly, a replication service, to sync all images across the servers did not make it in.  That will be top priority for 1.4.0.  There are still some styling fixes to apply to the front end that I am aware of.  I expect many bugs to be found, but they should all be simple fixes once found.  Please post your findings in the 1.3.0 Forum beta channel.  You can grab the beta at the downloads page.