If you would like to setup a CloneDeploy development environment, this is the easiest way to get started.  This guide is for Windows but the same could be done on Ubuntu with MonoDevelop


  1. Begin by installing CloneDeploy as if you were installing a new CloneDeploy server
  2. Download Visual Studio Community 2017
  3. When asked what features to install select:
    .NET desktop development
    ASP.NET and web development
  4. Download and extract the latest CloneDeploy source
  5. Open Visual Studio as administrator
  6. File->Open->Project/Solution
  7. Select clonedeploy_web.sln
  8. In Solution Explorer expand CloneDeploy-App
  9. Select Web.Config
  10. Update the database connection string to user root and password that you used during installation of CloneDeploy
  11. Happy Coding




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