Unlike the Linux imaging environment, the macOS imaging environment is not distributed with CloneDeploy due to licensing reasons.  You will need to build it yourself.  When using the macOS imaging environment, only El Capitan and newer will be supported.  Also, to use the macOS imaging environment, you must use the CloneDeploy Proxy DHCP Server version 2.0.0 or newer, to help serve the NetBoot Image.

I. Building the macOS Imaging Environment

You will need a Mac with same OS installed as the NetBoot Image you will be creating.  If you have ever used DeployStudio or Casper, this process should be familiar to you.

  • Download a full copy of El Capitan, Sierra, or High Sierra from the App Store.  It must be the full installer and not a stub.  Once completed, it should be in your Applications folder.
  • Download and open AutoDMG
  • Drag the Installer Application to the AutoDMG window and click build.
  • autodmg
  • Download and open AutoCloneDeployNBI (derived from MacMule’s AutoCasperNBI)
  • Select the OS X dmg that was created from AutoDMG and click options.
  • Under options, set the correct time zone
  • Open your CloneDeploy Web Interface and go to Admin->Server
  • Copy the Base URL from the Web Interface and paste it into the CloneDeploy Base URL in the AutoCloneDeployNBI window
  • Click the little refresh button next to the text box and verify the Pass result says true
  • Click build
  • autoclonedeploynbi
  • Open the CloneDeploy Web Interface and Select Admin->Apple NetBoot->New NetBoot Profile
  • Enter the ip address that your CloneDeploy Proxy DHCP server is bound to
  • Create an id and name of your choosing and click Add
  • Then click Add NetBoot Profile
  • The screen will provide you with information on where to put the NBI.  The base path should already exist.  You will need to create the subfolder, which is always 4 characters ( case sensitive 0-9 and A-F ).  This directory is the hex format of the image id.
  • Copy the NetBoot.dmg from your NBI folder to the new folder on your CloneDeploy server.  Don’t copy the nbi folder there, just the NetBoot.dmg.  You also don’t need the plist or the i386 folder.
  • Create that same 4 character folder name in your CloneDeploy Tftp Folder
  • Copy the i386 folder from your NBI folder to the directory you just created in the Tftp Folder
  • In your CloneDeploy ProxyDHCP config.ini update the ip address in apple-root-path to your CloneDeploy Web Server ip.
  • Restart the proxy service
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