This guide will show you how to install CloneDeploy on FreeNAS 11.2-U1.  It has not yet been tested on other versions.  Some settings may be slightly different depending on your version of FreeNAS. This guide also assumes you have a basic understanding of FreeNAS, plugins, jails and BSD.


Setup CloneDeploy Plugin / Jail

CloneDeploy is not yet available from the Official IXSystems 11.2 Release branch, however it is available from the IXSystems Master branch.  This means it will not be listed in the plugin list through the FreeNAS GUI, but can be installed from the Shell through iocage.  Hopefully the folks at IXSystems will move this to the 11.2 Release branch someday.

  1. Login to the FreeNAS WebUI
  2. Select Shell from the main menu
  3. Enter the following command, changing the ip’s and interface as necessary to fit your environment
    iocage fetch --plugins --name clonedeploy vnet=on ip4_addr="vnet0|" defaultrouter="" resolver="nameserver" --branch 'master'
  4. CloneDeploy should now be accessible at http://jail-ip/
  5. Verify you can login with:
    Username: clonedeploy
    Password: password
  6. Once you have verified that you can login, don’t make any changes and return to the FreeNAS GUI.   FreeNAS needs to be configured to handle TFTP and SMB shares before we continue


Setup Users

  1. Select Account -> Groups -> Add
  2. Enter cdsharewriters for the Name, leave all boxes unchecked, click save
  3. Select Account -> Users -> Add
  4. Enter clonedeploy smb read write in Full Name
  5. Enter cd_share_rw in Username, ignore error about usernames of 8 characters
  6. Fill the Password and Confirm Password fields
  7. Uncheck New Primary Group
  8. Set the Primary Group dropdown to cdsharewriters
  9. Click Save
  10. Select Account -> Users -> Add
  11. Enter clonedeploy smb read only in Full Name
  12. Enter cd_share_ro in Username, ignore error about usernames of 8 characters
  13. Fill the Password and Confirm Password fields
  14. Click Save


Setup Storage

This guide uses a Storage Pool named datapool.  Throughout the guide you will need to modify the datapool name to fit your environment.

  1. Select Storage->Pools
  2. Select a storage pool
  3. Add a new dataset
  4. Enter CloneDeploy_Images for Name
  5. Set Sync to standard
  6. Set Compression Level to Off
  7. Set Share Type to Unix
  8. Set Enable a time to Off
  9. Set Deduplication to Off
  10. Set Case Sensitivity to Sensitive
  11. Click Save
  12. Select Shell from the FreeNAS main menu, enter the following commands:
    cd /mnt/datapool/CloneDeploy_Images
    mkdir images
    mkdir resources
  13. Select Storage->Pools
  14. Select the CloneDeploy_Images dataset
  15. Select Edit Permissions
  16. Change the Group dropdown to cdsharewriters
  17. Check the Group Write box, all boxes should now be checked except other write
  18. Check apply permissions recursively
  19. Click Save
  20. Select Jails from the FreeNAS main menu
  21. Stop the clonedeploy jail
  22. Select Mounts points for the clonedeploy jail
  23. Select Actions Add Mount Point
  24. Change Source to:
  25. Change Destination to:
  26. Click Save
  27. Go back to jails and start the clonedeploy jail


Setup SMB Share

  1. Select Sharing->Windows (SMB) Shares
  2. Click Add
  3. Set Path to:
  4. Set Name to cd_share
  5. Click Advanced Mode
  6. Scroll down to Auxiliary Parameters and paste in the following:

    valid users = @cdsharewriters, cd_share_ro
    create mask = 02775
    directory mask = 02775
    guest ok = no
    writable = yes
    browsable = yes
    read list = @cdsharewriters, cd_share_ro
    write list = @cdsharewriters
    force create mode = 02775
    force directory mode = 02775
    force group = +cdsharewriters
  7. Click Save
  8. Select Services from the FreeNAS main menu
  9. Ensure SMB is enabled and checked to start automatically


Setup TFTP Server

  1. Select Services from the FreeNAS main menu
  2. Ensure TFTP is enabled and checked to start automatically
  3. Select configure next to TFTP
  4. Change the directory to:
  5. Click Save


Post Install Setup

  1. Open the CloneDeploy WebUI
  2. Upon login you will be greeted with the Initial Setup Page
  3. Set a new password for the clonedeploy user
  4. For Server Ip enter your clonedeploy jail ip
  5. Enter the passwords for the cd_share_ro and cd_share_rw users you created earlier
  6. Click Finalize Setup
  7. Select Admin Settings->Server
  8. Change tftp server ip to your FreeNAS server ip.   NOT the jail ip.
  9. Click Update Server Settings
  10. Click No when prompted create a new pxe boot file
  11. Select Admin -> Distribution Points
  12. Select View on the Local_Default distribution point
  13. Change Server Ip to your FreeNAS server ip.   NOT the jail ip.
  14. Click Update Distribution Point


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