Global properties are objects that can be used in various locations in CloneDeploy.

I. Imaging Scripts

Imaging scripts are custom bash scripts that can be run during the imaging process.  They are assigned in the imaging profile.  These are bash scripts and should start with #!/bin/bash

The CloneDeploy Core Client Scripts can also be edited here.  When modifying the Core Client Scripts you are modifying the original files located at program files\clonedeploy\web\private\clientscripts.  You should probably make a copy of these files before you start editing them.  Only administrators have access to this page.


II. Sysprep Tags

Sysprep tags allow you make changes on the fly to a sysprep file during the imaging process.  You can use this to replace almost any existing value in the sysprep answer file, you cannot add new entries.  To use this put in the opening sysprep tag and the closing sysprep tag and the contents of what you want in between them.  Example:  Opening Tag <ComputerName> Closing Tag </ComputerName>.  The tags can then be assigned in the image profile.


III. Files / Folders

Files and folders allow you to define any extra files you want to copy to the computer during the imaging process.  This is just a database definition so CloneDeploy is aware of these files.  You must copy the files to the resources folder located in your distribution point shared folder.  When setting the path field, it is relative to the resources folder.  Example:  Adding a file named myfile.txt to c:\program files\clonedeploy\cd_dp\resources\myfile.txt you would just enter myfile.txt in the path field.  Files and folder are then assigned to an image profile.


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