When using the forums please adhere to the following guidelines.  If I respond to your post and point you here, don’t be offended, just try and revise your post to meet these guidelines the best you can.

Be Specific

When describing your problem be as specific as possible.  I can’t help without the full picture.  Try to include version information, any applicable logs, things you have tried, things you have changed.

Take Action

Show that you have tried to resolve the problem yourself.  Search the forums.  I am not here to hold your hand.  I do not work for you.

Be Respectful

This should go without saying, sadly it must be said.  This should be a friendly environment.  Being disrespectful will get you banned.

Be Patient

I am the sole developer of CloneDeploy.  I also manage the website, forums, documentation, etc.  This is not my full time job and I receive no financial compensation(aside from the occasional donation, thank you donors).  I will do my best to address your issue, but I don’t have all the answers.  I try to answer every post when I have some spare time in my day.

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