CrucibleWDS 2.3.3 Released

This release focused on pxe booting in an environment with mixed efi and legacy bios clients.  The tftpboot directory has been restructured to allow the use of a Proxy DHCP Server.  This means that legacy bios clients, 32 bit efi clients, and 64 bit efi clients can all pxe boot simultaneously without the need to change the pxe mode or bootfile.  To facilitate this I created a small Proxy DHCP Server that must be installed if you want to use this feature.  Of course you can still use the old method too.

  • Added ProxyDHCP support for PXE
  • Created a small ProxyDHCP Server to provide ProxyDHCP –  Named CWDS ProxyDHCP
  • Added Server Key Mode (optional) to require user to enter the server key from each client before imaging can begin.  Enhances security.
  • Added Image Checksum Mode (optional) to check image checksum before deploying.  Also functions as image approval system.  Enhances security.
  • Global Host Args are now applied to on demand mode also
  • Added option to debug image size calculation
  • Changed webui timeout to 30 mins
  • The port that CrucibleWDS runs on can now be changed
  • Fixes bug where cancelling all tasks would delete custom boot menu’s set to a specific host
  • Fixes bug where image listing when editing a host or group was not in order