CrucibleWDS 2.3.2 Released

I wasn’t planning another release so soon, but I discovered an issue with Windows 8.1 images while uploading a Surface Pro 3.  They were not resizing correctly to allow deployment to smaller hard drives.  Changes include:

  • Added syslinux efi pxe booting support
  • Moved host arguments from being interpreted by the CrucibleWDS scripts to being interpreted by the kernel, to allow the options to be read both by the kernel and CrucibleWDS
  • Fixes bug where Windows 8.1 images were not resized correctly, preventing them from being restored to smaller drives. (Required updating to latest version of ntfsprogs)
  • Fixes bug where unicast tasks could not be started if pxe mode was set to ipxe_32_efi or ipxe_64_efi