CloneDeploy 1.0.1 Released 3-6-16

This is a bug fix release.  If you are upgrading, be sure to use the upgrade installer.  The most notable fix for this release is the client boot image DHCP issue that seemed to be the most common issue according to the forums.  It prevented users from logging in to the client boot image because an ip address was not obtained fast enough.  I upped the timeout value, it was only 3 seconds before, hopefully it fixes the issue.  If you are using the client iso, you must create a new one after you finish the upgrade.  The other notable fix is overall compatibility for Mono(Linux Installs).  Installation for Linux is now working and docs will be available soon.  Full list of fixes:

* Fixes bug where multicast progress does not show in the web interface
* Fixes bug where images created using gzip compression do not deploy
* Fixes bug where OS X images do not deploy
* Fixes bug where On Demand does not work when setting On Demand Requires password to no
* Fixes bug where On Demand displays an uninformative error when no images have been added to the web ui first
* Fixes bug where changing the deploy image schema was not possible unless the partition method was set to dynamic
* Fixes incompatibilities when trying to run with Mono on Linux
* Fixes bug where logging in to the client boot image does not work because of a DHCP problem
* Fixes bug where setting the task completed action to power off results in a task not uploading or deploying
* Fixes bug during installation where on some systems the database was not created